4 Reasons why your Wedding needs a Magic Mirror Photo Booth

  • Pure, Contagious Fun! Every day hundreds of thousands of photos are taken all over the world in Photo Booths, we are willing to bet the that not one depicts someone sad or bored.  As soon as your guests sees our Magic Mirror, they will all want to get in on the action, a queue forms and the fun begins.  The laughter and hilarity that follows is inevitable. Guests let their guard down and next thing you know, even Nana decides pout or wear oversized glasses.  Not everyone will get out on the dance floor, but pretty much everyone will take a session with our Magic Mirror.  Magic Mirror Photo Booths are a hit at every event we’ve ever seen. from babies to grandparents, everyone has fun.
  • Guestbook for you.  We have the option of a guestbook for your wedding.  By the end of the evening its filled with photos and notes of congratulations and well wishes from family and friends.  For most of our brides this guestbook completely replaces a standard guestbook.  You’ll have this memory filled book to look at forever.  We can provide two prints for each session, your guests keep one and the other goes in your guestbook.
  • Keepsake for your guests.  These days anyone with a smartphone can take a photo anytime, anywhere.  But, there is something about the draw of the Magic Mirror and the fact that you receive an actual, physical photo.  Your guests will take home an actual physical memory that they can then put on the fridge or even in a frame.  Each package includes a custom graphic, which we have the option of tailoring to your specifications, by our graphic designer. Your guests will remember how fun your wedding day was for years to come.
  • Digital copies for you.  Our Magic Mirror doesn’t stop at prints, it saves each photo taken as an individual file.  Before we leave your wedding, we’ll hand you a USB drive with every single photo that our booth captured.  After the honeymoon you can share these on social media, perhaps make some prints or use some for your next Christmas card.

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